Life Centered Education Special Offer from CEC

The new Life Centered Education (LCE) equips special-education teachers with the most comprehensive and in-depth life skills transition curriculum and assessment program for students with disabilities. LCE can be used in your school and throughout your district to:

  • Follow a comprehensive and in-depth life skills curriculum, with detailed lesson plans and learning objectives within the three key domains of adult living – daily living skills, self-determination and interpersonal skills, and employment skills.
  • Pinpoint students’ instructional needs and track achievement using knowledge assessments pre- and post-instruction.
  • Demonstrate students’ success in meeting the Common Core State Standards, as the LCE objectives are linked to the corresponding standards.
  • Gain new efficiency with access to hundreds of lesson plans, worksheets, and tools that save time and enhance your teaching effectiveness.

A special offer to LCE purchasers! Everyone who purchases an LCE license by Dec. 15 will receive a set of ten LCCE student workbooks. A $127 value, yours free! For more information and to view a sample of the LCE Curriculum Matrix, visit our Web site or contact CEC at or 888-232-7733.

Author: New York State DCDT

The New York DCDT strives to increase collaboration efforts in effective transition planning for individuals with disabilities by reducing the duplication of efforts and aligning resources and communication.

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